Sadicov Vladimir

Sadicov Vladimir

PHP developer (Backend Engineer)



Hi there, I'm Vladimir.
A PHP developer from Moldova working as Backend developer in the local organization. I'm 36 years old, born and living in Chisinau, Moldova. I like coding and learning new things in programming, discovering new opportunities for myself. I am also a dad and a loving husband. My wife and I are members of the "BMW Club Moldova", and we like to travel.


PHP (Native, Symfony, Wordpress, Webasyst, xCart, etc)

HTML/CSS (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap)

JavaScript (Native, jQuery, dojo, nodejs, webpack)

Databases (MySQL, PgSQL, sqlite, nosql)

Java (Android)

Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)

Work Experience

(10/2018-present) SymfonyCasts
Working with tutorials, main site code and multiple related libraries
(2010-2019) Velvi Grup
Many different projects: Online stores, Personal sites, CMS, CRM based on Symfony(1,2,3,4). Plugin developing for Wordpress and Webasyst. Also simple Android mobile apps.
(2009-2010) Private Organisation
Worked on online stores powered by xCart. First Symfony and Wordpress experience. Exploring Webasyst platform.
(2005-2009) Freelancer
Simple personal and showcase sites with simple self-written CMS


(2017-present) Self-study
(2005-2008) Moldova State University
The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Informational management)
(2004-present) Self-study
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


BMW Vehicles